It’s a nice route. We will leave Arantza (272 m) and skirt the border with Iparralde. In the first 17 km, we will go along the road and the train track until we reach the neighbourhood of Zalain (40 m) in Bera.

There, we will follow a track and once we arrive to the Col d’Ibardin (400 m), we will descend from between its ventas. Then, we will take a track up to the top of Lizuniaga (250 m) and from there, we will go to the top of Lizarrieta (460 m), the border between Etxalar and Sara.

Then, we will descend along a track until we arrive to the main road, near the Hotel Venta Etxalar (80 m), from where we will reach Berrizaun and from where we will return to Arantza by road.





53,89 km.



1,270 m.