Medium distance route, but hard in terms of height distance in some technical points (95 % cycleway). The first kilometers are uphill until you reach the pass of Bulatsegi (586 m).

There, you will take a track where you will gradually lose height and reach the pass of Bostorratz (Doneztebe) (425 m). Then, you will turn right and pass some hard ramps until you reach across a steep descent Ituren (1,670 m).

From there by road, we will go towards Zubieta passing through the town of Aurtitz (190 m). Just before reaching Zubieta, take a track to the right and we will start a long climb (10 km) with steep slopes up to Loitzate (1,020 m). From there we will go to Mount Ekaitza, where we will often have to get off the bicycle and go on foot.

The road from Ekaitza to Arantza is by track but in the last kilometer we will take a more technical path again to reach the town.





39,4 km.

Very hard


1,450 m.