I’ts a long route of 6 h – 7 h and 21 km, it’s hard but with spectacular landscapes. The route is partially signposted. We will leave the parking of Arantza (272 m) and for the first 6 km we will follow the GR or PR that leads to the pass of Bustitz (935 m). From there, after a hard kilometer going up, we will arrive to Mendaur (1,136 m). Then, we will go down to the pass of Bustitz again and continue descending towards Ituren until we reach the reservoir of Mendaur (720 m). There, we will follow a track that goes towards Ekaitza and we will ascend gradually in height. After 2 km, we will leave the track to enter the beech forest and arrive to the foot of Mount Makillipurdi (835 m). From there, we will see the top of Makillipurdi very close but we must climb to it carefully, especially if the weather is bad since at certain points we will have to use our hands to go ahead.

At the top of Makillipurdi (895 m) we will find the archaeological remains of the old castle of Orzorrotz. This castle was a fort during the kingdom of Navarre. The first written references date from 1214 and a group of 10-15 soldiers lived there up to the year 1512. That year, the Castilians conquered Navarre, including the castle of Orzorrotz. In 1521, people from Navarre rose up again and managed to take certain areas of Navarre for a few months (among others, the castle of Amaiur or this one in Orzorrotz). After a few months, the Castilians prevailed again over the people of Navarre and they burnt and destroyed the castle of Orzorrotz. Since then, its remains had been underground until they were unearthed in 2016.  

From there, we will go up again until the pass of Sorano (935 m) and there we will follow the crest of the mountain to reach the top of Illurdi (1,072 m). There, we will start the last 5.5 km descent to the town of the Arantza.





20,72 km.



1,324 m.